Quality and Environment

Modelval has hired environmental advisory with an environmental consultancy; PYEMA, S.L


In Modelval, we are convinced quality is the best guarantee of future. Therefore, the management has always exerted a positive influence to demonstrate our capacity to satisfy the requirements of our customers and the regulation, understanding quality as the compatible coexistence of:

- fulfilment of the necessities of our clients.
- economic progress of the organization.
- social and human development of its personnel and surroundings.
- health and safety at work and a sustainable development while being environment friendly.

The Management assumes the following commitments in order to obtain the development of the previously said:

  • 1 – Modelval is committed to keep a quality system updated to show its capacity to satisfy the requirements of our most important assets; our personnel and customers.
  • 2 – Modelval is committed to give an organized structure to the system, with the necessary resources, to carry out its commitment with quality, according to market exigencies.
  • 3 – Modelval is committed, through the identification of its objectives and the achievement of the goals, to keep on the way of the continuous improvement, with the purpose of improving the productivity, stimulating the creativity, the initiative and the sense of the responsibility of our personnel.
  • 4 – Modelval is committed to identify the necessities and requirements of the clients, including the legal and statutory requirements, transferring them to our organization as requirements; they will be defined, known and accepted by everyone.
  • 5 – Modelval is committed, and invites every single person belonging to the organization and to its suppliers, to collaborate with honesty in the attainment of the objectives regarding to quality.
  • 6 – Modelval has assigned a maximum representative on issues regarding to quality “Quality Manager”, who watches over the serious fulfilment of the previously detailed aspects.


Old Oak in MeadowsIn Modelval, an environmental consciousness-raising is carried out with its employees in order to obtain company’s development always respecting environment. Thus, the company cares about the reduction of injurious remainders for environment, derived from its activity, so that a sustainable development can be reached.

At the same time, all the personnel is encouraged by the managers to always work under optimal conditions of security, by giving the employees the necessary resources for the development of every single activity.