Modelval S.A, is a services company, belonging to the automotive sector, founded, in 1991, by a former employee of Ford.

CONÓCENOS_2Since then, it has had a deep growth, not just in turnover, also in the quality of the service offered by our staff. The extended experience in the design and construction of molds, gauges and tools point out at Modelval S.A. as one of the best options as a supplier.

Modelval S.A. is a dynamic company which is in a continuous evolution due to its effort in reaching excellence. As a proof, we achieved the certification ISO 9001:2000 with Bureau Veritas Certification. It allows us to guarantee the maximum quality and professionalism in all our jobs offered, carrying out an strict process control.

In 2006, the company was moved to a new plant in Ford supplier´s industrial park as a consequence of the continuous effort of all the members of Modelval and a fight for continuous improvement. In that way we improved the services offered to our customers due to our proximity and the enlargement of the factory.

Modelval uses Odette System to secure the transmission of data, so we are able to guarantee the confidentiality during the transmission of information.